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Welcome to Real Africa Travel Tours Pty Ltd, premier source of Real African experiences, Real African Safaris, shared and private small group tours, tailor-made experiences, and adventures in South Africa and Zimbabwe. We ensure an unforgettable holiday in one of Earth’s most stunning regions. We have a genuine passion for people and tourism, supported by extensive industry experience, we deliver the highest standard of service. 

Whether you are dream of embarking on a safari in Kruger National Park, exploring the majestic Victoria Falls, or immersing in the vibrant culture of Cape Town, our passionate team of experts ensures unforgettable African adventures.

Our Story

Real Africa Travel Tours Pty Ltd was established in 2019 by Kelvin Jambaya, a passionate African native . Beginning its journey in South Africa with company headquartered in Cape Town.

Kelvin, initially working as a Web developer for other tour companies, he noticed a lack of genuine African experiences in the tourism industry during 2017 and 2018, motivated to make a difference, he founded Real Africa Travel Tours Pty Ltd to address this gap.

The company’s name, “REAL AFRICA TRAVEL TOURS,” embodies its dedication to authenticity and excellence, striving to deliver experiences that authentically showcase Africa’s people, landscapes, and traditions. By 2023, the company expanded its vision to Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana with the aim of providing truly unique and authentic African experiences.

Our Fleet

At Real Africa Travel Tours, we’re dedicated to providing our guests with the highest levels of safety and standards. Our commitment to personal safety ensures that you can enjoy your journey with complete peace of mind. We adhere strictly to transportation board regulations and boast an exemplary safety record, reflecting our unwavering dedication to your well-being. Our fleet of vehicles is meticulously maintained, cleaned daily, and equipped with air conditioning to ensure your comfort throughout your travels, driven by our team of certified tour guides, each possessing of Driving Licence with PDP (Professional Driving Permit) , we promise a safe and informative journey for all our guests. 

Our focus is on providing an authentic experience that avoid of a touristy vibe, which is why we opt not to brand our vehicles , we collaborate seamlessly with our trusted sister companies to source additional permitted vehicles when the need arises, ensuring that your travel plans proceed smoothly without any compromise on safety or quality.

Memberships and Affiliations

We are proud member of  SATSA we adhere to their strict standards and regulations to ensure that our tours uphold the highest quality and authenticity. SATSA, short for the Southern African Tourism Services Association, is a vital membership-based organization within the Southern African tourism industry. Renowned for its credibility, SATSA serves its members through various means including advocacy, support, and networking opportunities. Within SATSA, one significant membership type is the SATSA Bonded Membership. This designation signifies that a company has met stringent financial criteria and gained SATSA’s approval to offer financial protection to customers in case of financial default. SATSA Bonded Members are obliged to deposit a bond, managed by SATSA, which serves as a safeguard for customers. 

Why Use a SATSA Member ?

For peace of mind, entrust your Southern Africa travels to the expert hands of a SATSA Member!

Be assured that all SATSA Members: 

  • Have Integrity: Adhere to a strict Code of Conduct
  • Are Legitimate: Company registration is checked annually
  • Are Financially Stable: Solvency checked annually 
  • Are Legally Compliant: as per regulations governing the tourism industry   
  • Are Insured: Appropriate insurance cover with minimum indemnity limits
  • Are Bonded*: Your pre-tour deposits are guaranteed (subject to fund-specific Terms & Conditions, please refer to SATSA’s Bonding)

As a member of CAPETOWN TOURISM, the official Regional Tourism Organization for the city, we take pride in our role. We diligently uphold their strict standards and regulations, ensuring that our tours consistently offer top-tier quality and authenticity.

Meet Our Experts Team

Meet our dynamic team! We’re experts in crafting unforgettable travel experiences, dedicated to providing seamless service and creating memories that last a lifetime.



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