Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By utilizing this website, you are acknowledging and accepting the subsequent terms and conditions:

Real Africa Travel Tours (Pty) Ltd is a registered company in South Africa, with its headquarters located at 122 SugarBush in Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa.


While Real Africa Travel Tours strives to ensure a seamless travel experience, we cannot be held responsible for any harm, loss, damage, injury, delay, or inconvenience you may experience during your trip. This applies even in situations where negligence by Real Africa Travel Tours, our employees, agents, associates, or anyone involved with our services might be a factor.

Intellectual Property Rights 

The content on this website, including text, images, logos, icons, designs, colors, and how it’s arranged, belongs to Real Africa Travel Tours Pty Ltd and its affiliates. It’s protected by intellectual property laws in South Africa and internationally.

Amendments & Cancellations

  • To cancel your reservation, you must send us a written notification.

  • Please note: We consider your cancellation request received on the business day we receive it, not the day you send it or notify us by phone.

  • Cancellations made within 30 days of your arrival date will likely result in a full charge for the booked services. Refunds in these cases are decided on a case-by-case basis by management.
  • Real Africa Travel Tours reserves the right to adjust cancellation fees at their discretion.
  • Any amendments or cancellations made during your trip must be done directly with Real Africa Travel Tours. These changes may also incur additional fees determined by Real Africa Travel Tours. You will be responsible for paying any such fees.
  • No refunds will be given for no-shows or unused services, regardless of whether they are part of the base tour price or pre-booked optional extras.


Please note:

  • We reserve the right to adjust tour prices at any time.
  • Prices may change due to factors outside our control, such as government taxes, fuel costs, hotel rates, and new tourism fees.
  • All prices are listed in South African Rand (ZAR) and US Dollars (USD) unless otherwise stated.
  • We accept payment in other currencies, but the exchange rate will be determined by our bank at the time of payment. You are responsible for any difference due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Tour Price Exclusions

The tour price does not include:

  • Gratuities: These are optional and left to your discretion.
  • Personal expenses: This includes things like drinks, cigarettes, phone calls, room service, laundry, and souvenirs.
  • Transportation: Flights and train tickets are not included unless they’re specifically mentioned in your tour package.
  • Travel documents: Visas, health checks, and immigration requirements are your responsibility. Real Africa Travel Tours cannot be held accountable if your documents are incorrect. We recommend checking with your travel agent for the latest requirements

Child Policy

Traveling with Children:

  • Day Tours: We welcome children of all ages on our scheduled day tours!
  • Escorted Overland Tours: These tours may have limited availability for children because they depend on finding child-friendly accommodation. Be sure to check when you inquire about a specific tour.

Discounts for Children:

  • Day Tours: Children 11 and under receive a 50% discount on the tour price, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.
  • Escorted Overland Tours: Children 12 and under also receive a 50% discount, but only if they share a room with two full-paying adults (restrictions apply to certain tours, so be sure to ask).

Child Seats:

  • We may be able to provide child seats for your convenience on day tours. However, it’s recommended that you bring your own child safety seat to ensure it meets your specific needs. Real Africa Travel Tours cannot be held responsible if our provided seats aren’t suitable.

Health & Visas

Before You Go:

  • Documentation and Medication: It’s your responsibility, along with your travel agent (if you use one), to ensure you have all the necessary travel documents and any required medications before your trip. Real Africa Travel Tours cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from missing documentation or medication.
  • Travel Risks and Fitness: By booking a tour, you acknowledge that travel can involve inherent risks like injury, illness, property loss, or discomfort. You confirm you’re fit and healthy enough to participate in the chosen tour itinerary.
  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you must disclose it at the time of booking. It’s your responsibility to bring any necessary medication or make arrangements for treatment during your trip.

Right to subcontract

Real Africa Travel Tours strives to use our own vehicles for your tour. However, we reserve the right to subcontract a vehicle in case of emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances.

If we subcontract a vehicle:

  • We will do our best to find a replacement vehicle that is as comfortable and reliable as our own.
  • If a suitable replacement cannot be found, you have the right to find your own vehicle at your own expense. In this case, we will refund you for the portion of the trip covered by the subcontracted vehicle.
  • The owner and driver of the substitute vehicle will be considered an independent contractor, not employed by Real Africa Travel Tours.

Important to understand:

  • You will be entering a separate contract with the owner of the subcontracted vehicle for the duration of their service.
  • Real Africa Travel Tours is not responsible for any claims arising from the use of the subcontracted vehicle, including damage or accidents caused by reckless or negligent driving.

Right of Admission Reserved

Real Africa Travel Tours maintains a safe and enjoyable environment for all passengers. We have the right to enforce reasonable rules of conduct and may deny participation or remove someone from a tour if necessary. We kindly ask that all passengers follow the instructions of our staff to ensure a smooth and pleasant trip for everyone

Check In Time

For a smooth departure, please arrive at your designated pick-up location at least 30 minutes before the scheduled trip time. This allows us to board everyone efficiently. Real Africa Travel Tours cannot be held responsible for missed departures due to late arrival.

Force Majeure

Real Africa Travel Tours strives to deliver on all our commitments. However, we cannot be held responsible if unavoidable circumstances prevent us from doing so. These unforeseen circumstances, also called ‘force majeure’ events, include:

  • Acts of nature like fire, floods, earthquakes, storms, or hurricanes.
  • Political disruptions like war, invasion, or civil unrest.
  • Labor issues like strikes or lockouts.
  • Infrastructure disruptions like power outages or communication failures.

In such situations, we will do our best to find alternative solutions or reschedule your trip.

Standard & Safety

Spacious vehicles with licensed drivers ensure a comfortable and safe journey. All vehicles meet the highest safety standards and comply with local regulations.


Please note: Real Africa Travel Tours partners with various hotels, airlines, and suppliers to create your travel experience. While we carefully select these partners, we cannot directly control the services they provide. Therefore, Real Africa Travel Tours cannot be held responsible for any issues that may arise due to their errors or shortcomings. These issues could include things like:

  • Loss of luggage
  • Damage to belongings
  • Injuries
  • Unexpected fees
  • Delays
  • Changes in itineraries

What we can do: We will work diligently to ensure a smooth travel experience and advocate for you if any problems occur with our partners.

What we recommend: We recommend researching the hotels, airlines, and other suppliers included in your tour to get a better understanding of their services and reputation. Travel insurance can also provide an extra layer of protection in case of unexpected events

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is mandatory for all clients who have made bookings with Real Africa Travel Tour. By acknowledging this requirement, you understand that in the absence of such insurance, you will bear all expenses resulting from trip cancellations, re-routing, or rescheduling, as well as any emergencies, be they medical or otherwise, that may occur during your travels.

Legal Matters:

This agreement between Real Africa Travel Tours and you (the passenger) is subject to the laws of the Republic of South Africa. In the case of any claims or disputes arising between Real Africa Travel Tours, the passenger, or an agent, the courts of the Republic of South Africa will have exclusive jurisdiction.






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